Endless benefits of copper for our body

We purchase organic food items, take our vitamins, chug down green smoothies, wheatgrass shots and eat raw kale. We spend so much money on top class juicer, yoga accessories and running shoes, etc. But when it comes to the kitchen which is the focal point of our health, we concentrate majorly on toxin leaching glasses, cups and bowls, etc. So if you are a health conscious person, emphasizing on such small details, why not pay close attention to the vessels you use to eat and drink?

It is no secret that copper has a lot of health benefits, for both the inside and outside. Since the human body cannot synthesize copper on its own, we need to consume enough copper to maintain our health and well being. Copper supplements can easily be found on the aisles of supermarkets and copper threaded athletic wraps and copper bracelets are very popular in the market for treating joint pain and inflammation. As per the University of Maryland Medical Center, copper is necessary for a healthy body and a lot of people are not getting enough copper in their diet. Copper is found naturally in food items such as oysters, cashews and walnuts. Along with that, another great way to fulfill the daily requirement of copper is by drinking water stored in copper utensils. In the absence of sufficient amount of copper in the body, our red blood cells reduce functionality, the immune system is compromised and the collagen production is also affected adversely. By making a little bit of effort to include copper in our body every day can help with improving your already healthy lifestyle and diet.

So if you decide to get a copper water bottle or copper mug or any other copper utensil, you are going to fulfill not just one but three functions-

  • Water stored in copper water bottle contains traces of copper which are crucial for the daily body functions.
  • The oligodynamic nature of copper kills any bacteria present in the water.
  • The shiny material of copper is aesthetically appealing to the eyes.



Anti-Christ the antithesis of Christ


Anti Christ and the DevilThe book of revelations tells about the son of Satan, the Antichrist who will bring disaster to the world. Whatever Christ teaches Anti Christ is the opposite of that. So how is antichrist relevant. Well let us understand this by a simple example. When there is no darkness will there be a relevance of light. Similarly antichrist concept should be fully understood. It is like understanding the teachings of Christ. If you can understand and know the opposite of Christ’s teachings the relevance of his teaching become very clear.

It is very clear that man has virtues as well as evil. Jesus is the shadow of virtues in all humans and the Satan the evils. The concept came due to increasing number of messiah’s claiming to be enlightened and then leading people to selfish ends. If you think that it is easy to identify antichrist it is not. Like it was so easy to identify Christ, the antichrist will be hidden and will spread lies. He will yearn for power, wealth and have influence over men. Even Nostradamus the great future teller has talked about antichrist. In fact he talks about three antichrist. Two have already been there viz. (1) Napoleon and (2) Hitler. If you take a closer look at the defeat of antichrist as revealed by Nostradamus, it was the strong collective will of us humans. Similarly the unknown third antichrist which has been foretold by the Bible also requires good resolve for defeat. Christ will come back and through us he will defeat the antichrist. So to fill your lives with truth and compassion and love as Jesus told to fight the Antichrist. This is the weapon which is the most dangerous for the son of satan.

The Relevance of Jesus teachings today

The Relevance of Jesus teachings todayJesus teachings are more of relevance today than ever. I listen to the bible teachings every week on Sundays. The teachings are recited without any delay. But do we understand the work Jesus did. He was indeed close to god and was his son because having so much compassion is impossible for a normal human being.

In the present scenario, we are surrounded by greed and consumerism. It is leading to a world where there is huge gap between the privileged and the poor. Yes slavery is almost absent, but is it? A few people are still controlling the resources and enjoying its fruits. There is wide-spread exploitation of nature without putting a thought where this will lead to.

This is where we should look back to Jesus and his teachings. His most used word was love for all. This is what is required for our mental upliftment in these turbulent times. If you look up to Jesus before you try to cheat your partner you will find it difficult to do so. Jesus has taught the path of contentment where we care for out fellow humans and other living beings. He wanted us to be like a shepherd and protect the lamb which cannot protect itself. So, if you have any kind of power viz. economic or physical or mental, it is for you to help the people who lack it. This is true worship of Jesus. Remember he gave his life to make us understand that to care for others even in the hardest of times is godliness. Let us make a pledge and if we can just listen when he is speaking we will have better lives and a better society and of course a better planet. Amen!

Importance of Rituals in Christianity

Christian Rituals

Well friends today I am going to discuss the things that have seeped into Christianity over the years from local culture. These are the rituals of the locality. Even in Rome we have rituals. Did Christ start these rituals? Well he did not as far as I know. Bible has always preached for deeds like helping people rather than on rituals like burning incense sticks. So why are the rituals present? Read on to know more.

Two of major sects are Catholics and Protestants. But I never understand why? Christ had emphasized the importance of freedom of thought. Yes folks read the Bible for the same which are Christ’s teachings. The sects have become so divided that it has really defeated the purpose of bringing people together. There is fighting and that is just the opposite of what Christianity preaches. Now let us focus on the rituals.

Ritual of reading the Bible is the best ritual. Bible is a book which has knowledge beyond human imagination. There are philosophies in it which might require years to understand fully. Making a ritual work positively is done in Christianity.

Eating Bread and drinking wine is the most beautiful of all rituals. It signifies unity of the humans and that we are one soul. The ritual has taken cognizance from the last supper of Christ with his disciples. It is one of the best practices later followed by communion eating even by the Moslems.

Confession is another practice which is a marvelous idea. You can tell all to the Priest at the Church and be free of burden of thoughts.Excellent way to de-stress isn’t it?

Are we actually following Christ’s teachings?


Believe in Christ

Christ was the son of god in the real sense. How can a man have the compassion to forgive those who are giving him pain. He taught us to forgive and forget the sins and start afresh. But is the religion we are following actually Christ’s. Do you know that Christian was voted as a faith in Rome.It was the Roman emperor Constantine who established the modern post of Pope as the ultimate authority to rule. It was a dogma to rule and nothing else. All the powers that the Pope enjoys were enjoyed by Constantine then.

When Christ establish the Church there were no sections in it. Christ always preached equality of all men, and died for it on the cross. But the modern church has so many sects you cannot count. The division took place way back in 451 AD when the bishops assembled to discuss the persona of Christ. What followed was quest for power with little heed to Christ’s words. The church was made as one faith but has wavered far from its original path.

Second split happened in 1054 AD, with the Roman Catholics separating from the rest. The protestants in fact are more close to the original teachings. They have gone far from the dogmas and embraced brotherhood.The Roman Catholic church has strayed far from Christ’s teachings and it preaches a different religion altogether. It is time for us to go back to the original teachings of Christ if we want to save the world. Christ will save us if we surrender to him and that is understanding his teachings.




Meaning of Last words of Christ

Last words of Christ

Last words of Christ

“Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they’re doing.”
(Luke 23:34)

These words say all.The words are of forgiveness. Jesus dying on the cross, so that humankind is forgiven all its sins. The words bind us all to god whether sinner or do-gooder.

The literal meaning of the words should not be taken. God forgives all, even if you know what you are doing. God does not differentiate and does not have a reason to forgive. God is above reason. God is merciful.

The mercy of god should be respected, just because of his presence and we need to surrender our being to the almighty.

Always take time off to confess all your sins.God will forgive all sins . Such is the power of god. You must believe that god will forgive all sins. The prayer has great and magical power. Pray for getting hold of the power which is imparted by Jesus.

We fight for our relatives and show anger and hatred. Jesus only taught love and forgiveness. He never spoke of hurting others. Rather he forgave those who crucified him, without any fault of his. The message Jesus gives to mankind is very relevant in today’s strife ridden world. With all kinds of violence and crime Jesus is the answer to bring order. Only if we understand the inherent meaning of what Jesus told while dying. Imbibing Jesus is the only solution for mankind. The need is to convert hatred to love and vengeance to forgiveness. Amen.




3 Things to Learn from the Bible

Bible is the bestselling book in the world. We all have it and read it. Is it just a religious text? Has it got any connection with our daily lives? We seldom have these questions but do not ask it, for fear.

There is nothing to fear from god. God never wants us to suffer. It is our act that makes us suffer. Bible has reference to life and how to make it better. We just need a careful eye to see them.

The Holy Bible

The Holy Bible teaches you life lessons!!!

There are many things in life which we face, and do not find answers. Bible has got some simple answers if you are listening. A few of the references in the holy book are as follows:

  • Relationship – In modern world we are struggling with relationships the most. We quarrel and destroy our peace of mind. This is all result of desires that we have. The reason for not being content is illustrated well in “Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of body you were called to peace. And be thankful” (Colossians 3:15). A single reference when read and understood carefully can teach you how to act and the effect will be good relationship.
  • Freedom – There is always an argument about the level of freedom allowed. “Everything is permissible for me – but I will not be mastered by anything” (1 Corinthians 6:12). This line says all. If the people, who are able, understand this, the world will have no sorrow. The corporate, politicians, wealthy people and enablers can take a cue from the above lines. If they imbibe it in their lives world will be a better place. True freedom will be there everywhere.
  • Wisdom – There are many lines and verses on wisdom. The following line shows the characteristics of wisdom.” But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate ,submissive ,full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere”( James 3:17). So shun all that teach vice in wisdom because wisdom is above all.

These simple teachings are just a few of the things we can learn from the Bible. Pay attention when you read it the next time, and be relieved of your worries.